Huntington, West Virginia

April 8-11th, 2024

About Bridging ​Innovation Week

Bridging Innovation Week is the state’s premier ​entrepreneurship event. The annual symposium ​advances entrepreneurship-led economic ​development by providing connection and education ​to business owners, current and prospective ​entrepreneurs, and entrepreneur serving ​organizations (ESOs) throughout West Virginia.

Whether you’re just starting or looking to scale, this is ​the place to explore entrepreneurship opportunities ​in the Mountain State!

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About the West Virginia ​Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Here in West Virginia, we are committed to helping entrepreneurs and small business owners reach their goals. In 2019, a collaborative effort was launched by entrepreneurial service organizations (ESOs) with the goal of connecting opportunities for improvement across our state's ecosystem. In less than three years this initiative has grown from an exercise in better communication into something much more meaningful: A vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and small business owners take their dreams further by connecting them with opportunities for success.

The mission of the West Virginia Entrepreneurship Ecosystem is to connect and identify opportunities to help entrepreneurs and small business owners across the state by fostering collaboration and sharing resources. The ecosystem is open to any and all organizations in West Virginia interested in entrepreneurial development to share best practices and inspire collaborations.

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Ecosystem visit WV BusinessLink.

Daily Key Events

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Seeds for Growth: ​Building Black Business ​in West Virginia

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West Virginia ​Entrepreneurship ​Ecosystem Conference